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Our New Energy BarsUpdated a month ago

We have some exciting news 👀

We're launching a rebrand of our Energy Bars 🎉

Something that is so important to us here at Rheal is keeping our customers happy and listening to their feedback. And that's just what we did! Following on from your comments, we went away and have be working to improve our Energy Bars.

So what's new?

We've tweaked the recipe slightly, you can see all of the nutritional information at the bottom of this page. But don't worry, they are still the same delicious, gooey Bars you know and love. 

⚡️ As much caffeine as an espresso
⚡️ 5-6g of gut friendly fibre per bar
⚡️ Under 200 cals per bar
⚡️ 3-4g protein per bar
⚡️ Naturally occurring sugars
⚡️ No added sweeteners or flavours


One of the requests was to reduce the amount of calories per Bar. So now you'll find less than 200 calories per Energy Bar. The size per Bar has been reduced from 50g to 40g. But don't worry, each Bar still packs a punchy 68mg of natural caffeine from the Guarana. 

🍌 Banana Bread = 163 calories

🫐 Blueberry Muffin = 172 calories

🍫 Hazelnut Cacao = 184 calories

🥜 Peanut Butter = 173 calories

Each Energy Bar now contains between 5-6g of gut-friendly fibre.


£18.70 PER BOX

With a reduction in size, comes a reduction in price. The cost of one box of Bars has been reduced from £26 to £22 (or £18.70 if you're on subscription). That means each Energy Bar is now only £1.56. And yes, you still get 12 per box.



We've gone back to the drawing board on our packaging and put more energy into it. Making sure to shout about our super Guarana and give it the love it deserves. You can read more about Guarana here. We think our new designs look BEAUTIFUL, and we hope you agree.

When will the new Energy Bars be available?

We expect these to be launching week commencing the 5th of June. We don't know the exact date yet as this will depend on the stock of our existing Energy Bars, but we will be in touch when we have launched.

What happens if I have a subscription?

We will switch you over automatically onto the new Bars, so there is nothing for you to worry about. Just sit and await your snacks to arrive in the post. However, if for any reason you don't want to receive the new Bars, please log in to your account and amend your subscription before June 4th.

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